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How to win new customers, increase customer loyalty and learn more about the needs of consumers? Data is the key, and with our Multichannel Marketing services you will be able to easily collect and use data for impactful one-to-one communication. Combine printed mail pieces, websites, e-mails and mobile media for datadriven campaigns and address customers in a more personal, targeted way.

To exploit all the benefits, we offer you an unmatched degree of integration and automation, resulting in fast and cost-effective creation of campaigns and applications. Whether it's the simple design of personalised media, the convenient management of campaigns and processes, or comprehensive response tracking - everything is part of one solution that simply runs in your browser.

How to win new customers, increase customer loyalty and learn more about the wishes and needs of consumers? Building up a customer dialogue that generates both sales and knowledge is a challenging task. By seamlessly combining various media channels, such as printed material, websites, e-mails or SMS, you will establish and maintain a truly customer-focused communication cycle. And by implementing a data driven-solution you will be able not only to target any content of your cross media campaigns to single customers or target groups, but also to measure any activity of a recipient during a campaign

How do we work with our clients

We work with our multichannel clients using a method of:
  1. Research the business - It pays to learn about your customers, who are they, what do they read, where do they go. In order to create a solid brief we must understand your target audience and marketing objectives.
  2. Data is fundamental to the way we work. How do we gather this to drive our strategy
  3. Recognise the target audience / customers and technology to achieve
  4. Design and Create the campaign
  5. Go Live
  6. Review, Refine and go again

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